Energy Efficient Treatments

Energy Efficient Treatments

Installing the right window treatments in residential and commercial buildings can help minimize energy costs by reducing both heating and cooling expenditures.

According to the US Branch of power, it is estimated that clients can reduce cooling costs by over 70% in the summers and heat loss by up to 25% during the winter months by installing proper window treatments. Today glass is an important building and decorative material in most homes and offices as it allows ambient light to enter inside the living spaces as well as enable the inhabitants to have a clear, non-obstructive view of the outside world. However, it is a terrible insulator.

The good thing is that the architectural and engineering community has realized that they can reduce cooling and heating costs and the environmental impact of the buildings by a considerable margin by choosing the proper window treatment solution.  In addition to lowering energy costs, choosing the ideal window treatments also provides the building’s inhabitants a better quality of life.

Various studies have indicated that herbal daylight has good benefits for humans and that natural mild can cause diseases. So, architects and designers are implementing new design strategies into their building designs in improving window performance by minimizing daylight penetration while increasing daytime.  You are exposed to direct sunlight when you are facing the sun, whilst a daylight hour is what you when the sun is at your back. When developing systems to decrease daylight coming through the windows and glass, the products that are installed outside should be done in a manner it absorbs the sunlight and provides shading to the glass.  However, when installing products inside the glass, they should reflect the sunlight through the glass.

Energy Efficient Window Shades

There are products and design implementations that help improve window and glass performance by rejecting solar heat gain in the summers and retaining room heat in the evening and winter months. These products work by converting direct sunlight to diffused natural daylight through the sun-struck windows.  The products include outdoor blinds, awnings and interior products with the likes of honeycomb blinds, roller shades, and other window treatment options that reflect the daylight through the glass.    Most of these products can be controlled or manipulated both manually or by motorization.


Reducing heat and maintaining cooler temperatures inside living spaces can be controlled by windows that provide thermal insulating properties such as cellular shades, thermal blinds or even standard shades and blinds. All these measure will considerably reduce heat loss and utility bills as well.

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