Child Safety

When it comes to window coverings, parents have always emphasized about the protection of their kids. Younger children are curious and playful and there is a possibility of them getting entangled in window covering cords results in serious injuries or worse. Window blinds such as Venetian blinds, vertical blinds or wood blinds have wires or cords to manage them. Some manufacturers conceal these managing cords for safety and aesthetics, but not all blind makers offer it.

All window covering products made by Ventura Window Coverings’s are designed to be baby-safe, and our personnel performed comprehensive safety testing on our products to ensure maximum protection for your youngsters. Our staffs are fully ready to educate you about the safety measures that have been implemented in all our diverse window treatment options.

All of our window treatment options including cordless roman shades, cordless mobile shades, and shutters with motorized window treatments and managing wands are great alternatives and does not have any visible wiring for additional safety.

Whether or not you want Venetian blinds, vertical blinds or wood blinds, or another window covering option, at Ventura Window Coverings, our crew will offer you custom curtains that will not add compliment the look and feel of your home but will also create an effective, secure and child-friendly living space.