Exterior Shading

Exterior Shading

At Ventura Window Coverings, we offer a complete range of outdoors shading treatments including motorized and hand-operated retractable awnings, motorized and manually operated roll down sunglasses, and motor operated exterior rolling shutters.

Shading doesn’t only regulate the amount of light coming through the glass; they also increase the livability of homes by adding colors and safety to patios. Roller shades or screens are a great way to enhance the look and feel as well as the comfort of the patios by including coloration and insect barriers.

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Exterior Zipper Channel Roller Shades

Similar to Exterior cable guided roller shades, zipper channel roller shades will remain stable and fixated to the windows even during strong winds. Zipper channel roller shades are also “bug proof” because the edges of the shades are concealed within the channel on both sides. This design feature prevents the insects from entering the living spaces through gaps in the material. At Ventura Window Coverings, our representatives will provide all kinds of assistance about various shading and insect materials as well as select the right shading solutions.

Exterior Cable Guided Roller Shades

Exterior cable guided roller shades can be operated either by motors or through a hand crank. The shadings cables start from the top to the bottom of the shade on either end. This design bars the shades from being windblown. Our representatives at Ventura Window Coverings showrooms will provide all kinds of assistance about various shading and insect materials as well as select the right shading solutions.

Exterior Rolling Shutters

Exterior rolling shutters provide both protections from excess sunlight heat and thermal control for the windows.  Exterior shutters can be rolled up and down alongside the channels and remain concealed within a head-box over the openings when rolled up. The aluminum sections which are located along the channels have insulation injected inside for enhanced thermal performance and sound reduction. Exterior rolling shutters and other kinds of outdoor shutters are available in various colors and designs and our Ventura Window Coverings’s Representative will guide you through all the available options.

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Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings are a more practical alternative over fixed awnings because they can be manipulated to allow only the desired amount of sunlight through the windows and patios. Retractable awnings are available in a range of designs and colors and can be manually operated or motorized. Our Ventura Window Coverings’s Representative will help you choose the right retractable awnings for your home.