At, Ventura Window Coverings, our team members are experts and experienced in installing a wide array of window covering. Our teams are trained and have certifications from leading window coverings and accessories manufacturers with the likes of Lutron, Somfy, MechoShade, Hunter Douglas, Q-movement, Graber, and Norman.  Our certified technicians are trained to set up all varieties of shutters, blinds, sunglasses, and drapery. We provide our window coverings installation services throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles County.

At, Ventura Window Coverings’s, we also provide maintenance, restoration, and service guarantee on blinds, shades, and materials.  We also repair all kinds of troubleshooting and motorization issues on our window material installers.


Blind Installation

It is important to install vertical and horizontal blinds professionally and with precision for it to operate properly. Do-it-yourself (DIY) initiatives can cause improper installation of the blinds and can lead to breakdowns and poor overall performance.


Ventura Window Coverings’s experienced and professional window installation team will ensure that your blinds are installed accordingly and make the blinds looks aesthetic and functional. If you have any questions regarding the blinds, you could count on our professionals to provide you with the help and guidance to get the most from all your window treatment options.

At, Ventura Window Coverings, we are fully committed to providing professional and courteous curtain installations for all of your window treatments. We take pride in offering a guaranteed first-class window treatment throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles County. Contact us for a consultation and let us show you all the window remedies we have got on offer.

Shutter Installation

Shutters highlights the beauty and ambience of your indoors.  However, things can go bad if they aren’t set up by a professional window treatment company like Ventura Window Coverings.  Shutters should be plumb and leveled accordingly so that they aren’t unpleasant gaps between the stiles which may result in unwanted light to get inside or create privacy problems.  Shutters made by Forte designs include motorized louvers and skylight installations, which require a professional for installation.  At, Ventura Window Coverings, expect to have the best shutter set up in your home or office as we have shutter installation experts that will give you the results you want.