Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

Wooden horizontal blinds provide a remarkable enchantment, character, elegance, and sophistication to your home or office. Wooden horizontal blinds are available in a wide range of rich, textured and lustrous stains and paint which adds a warm look and feel to any room.

Whether you decided for motorized, vertical, or custom wooden blinds, wooden blinds are known for their splendor and flexibility. This is why customers looking for a window treatment for their home usually prefer wooden blinds because they make the space stunning.  Wooden blinds can be installed in dining rooms, living rooms, family meeting areas, sports rooms, bedrooms and so on and so forth.


Benefits of Wooden Blinds

In addition to enhancing the aesthetic and appearance of the living areas, wooden blinds are easy to and maintain. To maintain its lovely finish, you are only required to smooth them regularly.  Simply use a clean, tender dusting cloth or fabric to wipe off the blinds each week. Clean the slots by using a vacuum machine with the brush attachment.

Custom wooden blinds fit any decor

Another advantage of wooden blinds is that custom wooden blinds fit any décor. Wooden blinds are available in a huge array of finishes and stains ensuring that no matter what style of wooden blind you have selected it will suit most of the rooms of your property.

Wooden horizontal blinds are synthetic with 1”, 2”, 2 1/2” and three” louvers and are available in a variety of various wood species. the louvers may be tilted at one-of-a-kind angles to manipulate mild and louvers can be manufactured without direction-holes for superior privacy. the painted and stained louvers have a spread of matching clothier valances as well as large ornamental cornice containers. in addition to the usual paint and stained finishes, distressed and faux-finished wood is likewise to be had.

Control alternatives: wooden horizontal blinds can be operated through wire tilt, and tilt and routless (no path holes) operation for extra privacy and mild manipulate. blinds are also to be had without raise cords wherein the lowest rail is buoyant and the blind is raised and decreased by way of pulling or lifting the bottom rail.

If you can’t find a finish or stain, you can go for a custom painted wood blinds that will compliment your wall paints or the interior décor of your home or office.  In addition to painted and stained finishes, there are also distressed and faux-finished wooden blinds. Wooden horizontal blinds can be synthetic, arched, and found in special shapes as well.


Wooden horizontal blinds are made from a variety of different wood species such as cherry, mahogany, oak, knotty pine, alder, and so on. Wooden blinds are also found in distressed and pretend-finished forms.


All wooden horizontal blinds have louvers and may be tilted to various angles to privacy and controlling the amount of light entering the room. The louvers can be motorized and operated or manipulated via a remote control or incorporated into homes and businesses automation systems.


Similar to window shades and blinds, wooden horizontal blinds also provide comfort to the living space. Mild colored wooden blinds are used to regulate the temperature indoors as well as to manipulate hot spots in the rooms. As a result, cooling and heating expenditures are minimized.  Horizontal louvered blinds also control the amount of sunlight entering the room. Furthermore, the louvers also can be closed for room darkening.