Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Roller shades are one of the fastest developing product categories and it’s because they are useful, tasteful and energy efficient.  Roller Shades are called the “Architects Preference” because it’s common to see roller shades to be incorporated into the final designs of residential and commercial buildings even before they’re built.

In general roller blinds or shades are a great temporary window treatment option for instant privacy if you’ve just relocated to a new private home or office.  Roller window options are considered great alternatives to drapery and are also available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials including linen, polyester, and cotton. Depending on the materials, roller shades can allow daylight into the living spaces and can also offer total room darkening at night. This characteristic makes roller shades an ideal choice for bedrooms to minimize unwanted light entering the room which can intervene with sleep.

Roller shades are a practical decorative addition for offices or any other commercial buildings. Roller shades enable people to effortlessly and quickly alter the amount of light entering the space to reduce glare. Furthermore, roller shades are perfect window treatment options for transforming rental homes as the shades are sturdy and the design blends seamlessly into most interior décors.

Industrial Window Roller Shades

Roller shades are also environmentally friendly and come with extremely good benefits. It is because roller shades are made from substances that are not only fashionable but also has exceptional sun control properties. Moreover, these shades are easy to operate and cover massive glass areas with little or no additional space to hide the shades when rolled up.  Roller shades can also be mounted outside buildings to create a mesh-like barrier for regulating daylight, warmth, and insects.  Roller shades can be lifted or closed using motors. Motorized roller shades can be controlled by remote controls or the control mechanisms can be integrated into the building automation systems.


At Ventura Window Coverings, we have skilled technicians and personal for any type of roller shades installation and repairs for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. We also provide customized roller shades based on your preferences on the patterns, features, and materials.