Shutters are like fine furniture for your windows. Shutters are great additions to the windows and make them appear more elegant and sophisticated.  Interior shutters are usually used on windows, French Doors, sky-facing windows, sliding glass entryways, and room dividers.

There are many styles of shutters such as angled shutters, radius shutters, arched shutters, cafe shutters, vertical shutters and sliding panels. Shutters are also available in custom shapes and sizes. Shutter louver sizes are generally sized at 2 1/2”, 3 1/2” & 4 1/2”. Custom louver sizes are also accessible. The shutter louvers can be motorized and can be operated using a remote control.  Louvers can be tilted to manipulate the amount of daylight entering the living spaces and can be closed completely to darken a room. Most shutter manufacturers used tilt rod, off-set tilt rod and hidden tilt rod to control the louvers.


Similar to blinds, shutters provide great solar and thermal performance. Shutters can be used to regulate the temperature of the rooms. This way you can utilize shutters to minimize both your air-conditioning and heating costs.


At Ventura Window Coverings, we have a wide range of moderately high-quality, designed wood and false wood shutters for all your window shuttering treatments. We also offer customized window shutters and a huge assortment of casings, shadings, and operational choices in our showroom. In addition, we also provide consultations at your home or office. You can consult your designer to help you determine the right shading and style for your windows as well as outline the board format for your shutters.


At Ventura Window Coverings, we provide a wide range of shutter designs and installations, and you will be impressed by our aptitude in assisting you in choosing the ideal louver size, material (real wood or false wood), paint shades or stains, outline style, and operational features for your shutters.

  • Louver Sizes: Preferred louver sizes are 2 1/2”, 3 1/2” & 4 1/2”. Custom order louver sizes can also be accessible.
  • Distinctiveness Shutters: Angled Shutters, Radius & Arched Shutters, Cafe Shutters, Vertical Shutters and Sliding Panels. Custom shapes can also available.
  • Guide Operation: Popular Tilt Rod, Off-Set Tilt Rod and Hidden Tilt Rod.
  • Motorized Operation: Louver positions may be operated with the aid of remote control.
  • Power Consumption & Consolation: Shutters provide exceptional solar & thermal overall performance and decrease cold and hot spots at your home windows. Shutters can reduce both air-conditioning and heating expenditures.
  • Light Control: Louvers can be tilted to control direct daylight so you can hold a view and louvers also can be closed to darken a room.