Window Film

Window Film

Window film is useful in regulating sunlight entering the living spaces, degrades the effects of UV rays, and provides privacy for commercial and residential homes. Liquid Crystal “Switchable” film is a new technology that allows users to make glass alternately clean or opaque depending on the surroundings. This film can also be used as a projection display.

Colored and reflective films are available in a variety of reflectivity and tinted colorations. Window films are predominantly used for regulating sunlight and glare, and managing UV rays. Window film glass can also be made secure by making it shatterproof. Moreover, the exterior of the glass can be coated with graffiti film to protect it from graffiti damages.

Decorative Window film

Installing decorative window films has many benefits.  Window films can be used to obstruct unwanted views, control the amount of light and heat getting inside rooms, lessen the number of UV rays, enhance privacy, and aesthetic purposes. It is important to control the amount of sunlight, heat, and UV rays getting into the living spaces because it can degrade or fade the interior of your home.  Thanks to Liquid Crystal film, you can now change the glass from opaque to clean easily and vice versa. Furthermore, Liquid Crystal film can be used as a projector for television programs or films.

Window film installation

Though window film can be installed without a professional, we at Ventura Window Coverings recommend you take help from an expert installation for window film installation for better services and reliability. To make your investment worthwhile, you can hook your windows with an additional shatterproof glass film. This will minimize the havoc of flying glass debris during storms or accidental damages. At Ventura Window Coverings, we have large and a wide variety of window films that will cater to all of the window film installation requirements.

Benefits of Window Film Installation


  1. Cooling Costs Saving: Window films are designed to block sunlight entering into the rooms. As a result, your cooling expenditures will go down to up to 30%.


  1. Fade Reduction: In addition to heat, sunlight contains harmful UV rays that are detrimental to the carpets and furnishings inside the living spaces.


  1. Reduces Glare: Window films reduce glare inside living areas of homes and offices which can eyestrain and glare on television and computer screens


  1. Crime Prevention and Protection: Window films can be fixated with shatterproof films that make them less susceptible to break-ins in the advent of crime and minimize flying glass debris during storms.