Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are very effective in concealing wide areas of glass surfaces like sliding glass doors and window walls. Vertical Blinds are cost-effective, look elegant and are available in vinyl and fabric.  Vertical blinds are also a very cost-effective way to conceal large areas of glass surfaces, walls, or partitions which makes very practical in both residential and commercial buildings.

Vertical blinds are manipulated with vertical louvers which are managed by a wand or cords.  The louvers are rotated are various angles to control the privacy as well as regulate the amount of light entering the living areas whether it is sunlight or light within the building. Vertical blinds can also be made with custom shapes.

  • Customers also have the option to motorize the blinds louvers which later can be operated or manipulated with a remote control or integrated into the home or office’s automation systems. The vinyl vertical blind has mild colors and texture which do a splendid job in reflecting excessive sunlight and controlling warm areas inside a building. Furthermore, the blind’s louvers can be rotated to be closed completely for room darkening.Determining the ideal vertical blinds for your windows at your home or office can be overwhelming for customers given the fact that there is a wide array of options available.


    Here we will discuss some of the most common types of window blinds which will assist you to choose the right blind depending on your home or office’s window covering needs.

  1. Cloth Vertical Blinds: Cloth blinds come is a variety of colors and patterns. They perform good, look expensive, and can block most of the sunlight heat getting indoors.


  1. Vinyl Vertical Blinds: Vinyl blinds are manufactured from vinyl and easy to clean when compared to cloth blinds. This makes them popular for homes and offices where there is plenty of human traffic. Moreover, they look nice and create a great vibe and ambience in the living spaces.


  1. Levolor Blinds: Levolor blinds resemble more like drapes than other types of blinds like cloth or vinyl blinds. However, they do exude an elegant and upscale look.


  1. Cloth and Vinyl Blinds: Cloth and vinyl blinds are made by combining cloth and vinyl. These hybrid blinds have become extremely popular to both interior designers and homeowners.


  1. Reflective Blinds: This particular type of blind consists of a reflective fabric that adds a sense of depth and sophistication whether it is a home or office.