Interior Solar Screens (Fixed)

Interior Solar Screens (Fixed)

Want an unobstructed view from your windows without glare? Then you probably need interior solar screens on your windows. If you assistance, then we at Ventura Window Coverings are more than positive to provide all the services and results you need and deserve.


Interior solar screens are long-lasting panels that remain fixated at the indoors of your home windows. In addition to cutting down on sun glare, there are plenty of reasons for installing interior solar screens. With solar screens, you can enjoy the benefits of a traditional window overlaying with any obstruction to your view. However, it is important that you work with professional shutter installer to get the process completed. It will ensure that your indoor solar screen provides the desired results and lasts for a long time.

Are indoors solar displays proper for you?


If you are still unfamiliar with residential indoors sun displays we have at Ventura Window Coverings, here are important information that will get you to speed.


  1. Interior solar screens or indoors solar displays protect your home from destructive UV rays. UV rays can damage and fade your floors, furniture or you window remedies. Therefore, the interior solar screens protect the interiors of your home or office.


  1. Interior solar screens limit the amount of direct sunlight entering through the windows. As a result, your rooms do not get overheated during the peak summer months, thus reducing your air conditioning expenses.


3. If you enjoy the allure of natural sunlight inside your home minus the direct glare, then indoor solar displays are ideal for you. The interior solar screens also work great if you want privacy. Just pair a solar screen with a window covering option such as shades or draperies, and you are good to go.


At Ventura Window Coverings, we will help you to decide the perfect window remedies for your private home. The representatives at our showrooms will provide all assistance to make you aware of the alternatives and professionally install them as well. We will ensure the highest customer satisfaction and ensure that you will decide on the right window treatment solution for your home.