Window shading is one of the most important product categories when it comes to window coverings. Window shading is available in a range of designs and styles such as mobile or honeycomb shades, woven wood shades, bamboo shades, roller sun shades, and roman shades. These shading products have intriguing characteristics and fashion that makes them a preferred choice for all kinds of window treatments.

At Venture Window Coverings, all window shades are manufactured with child secure cordless operation, motorized for easy operation, and continuous cord loops. Other shading alternatives include withering light filtering or room darkening features. We provide full access and sampling to all of our manufactures.

For further information or if you have any questions regarding window shadings, visit our Ventura showroom and talk to our team members!

Roman Shades

Roman shades are popular with homeowners because of the simplicity of usage.  Roman shades are usually drawn up from top to bottom and vice versa in soft folds. Roman shades also available in many design options such as flat fold, soft fold, hobbled, pleated, Stagecoach, Austrian, London, Balloon, and many more.  Roman shades are a great choice for private homes as they have a stylish and formal look regardless of any design style.

Bamboo Shades and Natural Woven Wooden Sun Shades

These sun shades provide the same functions as Roman shades, only this time the shades are made from natural and organic materials like bamboo or wood instead of fabric. Bamboo and natural woven wooden sun shades don’t only come in cozy designs, they also have a modern style and highly functional. Bamboo and natural woven wooden sun shades usually come in standard, woven and hobbled designs. The shades are also available in light blocking and blackout liners. We recommend you choose bamboo shades that have clutch, continuous loop and motorized operations.

Cell shades

Cell Shades are also known as honeycomb shades. These types of shades have a unique honeycomb design with single, double, and triple cells. Cell shades not only make your premises look modern, they also require little space. Cell shades are also great to maximize thermal efficiency which may help you to keep your home cooler in the summers and warmer in the winter months.