Sliding Panels

Sliding Panels

Sliding panels are a practical solution to your window covering needs in some situations. In fact, some homeowners even opt for this type of window treatment instead of closet doors.

It’s essential to consult with professional window treatment providers like Ventura Window Coverings before installing sliding panel or any other window treatments at your home or office.  It will make things easier and you will get the results that you will be happy with for a long time.  At Ventura Window Coverings, we listen to our customers carefully and value customer feedback. Our excellent customer services have helped us to get a higher rating in the industry. From selecting the right window treatment solution for your home or business to professional stage drapery set up to choosing the right materials for your window treatments, we offer all kinds of window treatment options for you.

Are sliding panel curtains proper for you?


Are you confused about whether sliding panels are right for you?  Sliding panel curtains are a combination of both curtain and sliding glass door. Unlike a traditional curtain, where you slide the fabric to the side, in a sliding panel, you only need to slide the panel sideways for opening and closing


Sliding panels are considered as a modern and more favorable alternative to vertical blinds. Previously, vertical blinds have been a preferred option for protecting large windows or sliding glass doors.  Sliding panels can also be used as room dividers.  The sliding panels at Ventura Window Coverings are uniform, sleek, and incredibly smooth. Sliding panels make living spaces to appear modern and intriguing turning them into points of interest.


If you are looking for sliding panels for your window or need help to choose the right drapery or shades for your residential or commercial building, we cordially invite you to pay a visit at our Window Coverings showrooms. We are looking ahead to working with you and provide you with the information you need to make a good decision for window treatment needs.