Window Shutters Ventura

Window Shutters Ventura

Finding the right window shutters can be a bit challenging, particularly if you think about the various sizes and designs of the windows you have at home. You will need to pick from a massive selection of shutter designs, materials, and colors. Ventura Window Coverings is the top local company that provides first-rate window shutters Ventura services in California. We understand how the right kind of window shutters can positively affect the overall look and feel of your property.

Well-chosen and aptly-installed window shutters can be an excellent room accent. However, poorly-chosen and mounted shutters can damage a home’s value and appeal. If you truly want the right well-fitted window shutters, your best option is to seek the expertise of our window shutters Ventura team.

Window Shutters Ventura

Ventura Window Coverings has been providing topnotch window and flooring services in Ventura County and its neighboring areas for decades now. And one of our “bestsellers” are custom-made window shutters. Our customized window shutters Ventura service offers the very best elements and hardware that allow the most unique designs. This is an element that you’ll fail to replicate with off-the-rack or DIY window shutters.

In some form or another, shutters have been used for as long as there have been windows. Early window shutters were meant to cover up an opening in the wall to protect the interior of the house from outside elements like the weather and intruders. They’ve been used well before the invention of the home windows you’re used to today.

During the mid-1800s, glass windows became popular in the US and improved the way window shutters are utilized.  They are no longer needed to protect and safeguard the house. Instead, they were used to secure the delicate and pricey glass. But as the quality of windows improved as the years go by, defense against the elements evolved into something less crucial. Window shutters then became a preferred window treatment mainly for its visual appeal. That being said, shutters remain a valuable element of the structure of the exterior of houses and establishments today.

To help you determine if shutters are the best window treatment for your lifestyle and needs, below is a quick guide I often share to our clients. These are the fundamental window shutters Ventura features you must pay attention to.

1) Size and Placement. It seems obvious, but window shutters aren’t for houses that don’t have space for them. If your windows are too close to a corner, the shutters can stand out past the edge of your home. If your house has a siding, they should never overlap the corner board.

The placement of the shutters can also be tricky if the windows are too close together. Ideally, the space between the shutters on adjacent windows must be no less than half the width of one shutter. Also, the size of a window or a group of windows will determine the height and width of the window treatment. Preferably, the thickness of shutters fitted in two windows must be half the width of one window. In terms of height, both must be on the same level of the windows.

Proper sizing and placement help give the window shutters authenticity. When sized and placed correctly, the shutters will completely cover the windows when they’re closed.

2) Hardware. Accuracy equally relates to the hardware used and how the window shutters are affixed. Since they don’t necessarily need to be functional, shutters tend to be incorrectly attached directly to a home’s brick or siding with anchoring screws. From afar they may look fine, but in close proximity – where every detail counts – the shutters will look fake and cheap. This is also the reason why it’s important to hire our window shutters Ventura service. Ventura Window Coverings is run by professional and skilled workers that ensure your window treatments are placed correctly.

Shutters should be installed with operable hardware designed specifically for shutters, even if they’re only for decorative purposes. Not only will they look authentic and way better, they can also be swung aside so you can easily clean them. Ventura Window Coverings has a warehouse that houses hardware like shutter hinges and shutter dogs. The former allows effortless swinging movements and is available in various sizes. The latter holds the shutter up against the wall to enable easy open position.

3) Style. Various shutter designs are available to accommodate the changing weather. The summer calls for louvered shutters that essentially keep out humidity, but still allow airflow to cool your home. Alternatively, solid or paneled shutters are preferred during winter to prevent harmful outside elements – like snow – from damaging the window frames.

Part of our window shutter Ventura service is presenting you with as much information as you need about window treatments. You can speak with one of our window experts and see what type of shutters are best for the Ventura climate. A consultation is also helpful, particularly if you want to follow a theme or motif. For instance, if you want to mimic a French country home, the style ideal for it would be board shutters.

4) Materials. Shutters made from real wood are as authentic as they come. But much like the other exterior elements of a property, shutters often take a beating from the changing weather. As such, window shutters made from real wood suffer the worst. But if you’re dead set on wood shutters, you’ll get all the help from our window shutters Ventura service. We’ll provide you with information on how to best care for wood shutters to avoid constant repainting or replacement.

Alternatively, we can provide other window shutters Ventura options like vinyl shutters. Vinyl is a quality alternative to wood. It doesn’t need repainting. Ventura Window Coverings has various types of vinyl shutters so you can choose one that will fit your home and your needs.

Another great option are composite shutters. This type offers an ideal blend of authenticity and durability. Our composite materials are a combination of designer wood, PVC, fiberglass, and a few more elements.

Regardless of the type of window shutters you want for your home or business establishment, Ventura Window Coverings offers a wide selection for you.

We also guarantee reasonable pricing for our window treatments without having to sacrifice quality. For years now, we’ve established a local business that consistently delivers the best products – and that includes topnotch window shutters Ventura services.

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