Custom Window Shutter Ventura

Custom Window Shutter Ventura

Window shutters bring style and class into your home. If you want a way to neutralize the outside light but don’t find blinds attractive enough, shutters make the best substitute. Regardless if you want shutters for your windows at home or in the office, you’ll have to consider a number of things. This is particularly true if you’re looking for custom window shutter Ventura options. If this is the case, there’s only one place in Ventura County you should go to — Ventura Window Coverings.

Customized shutters designed, made, and delivered by Ventura Window Coverings are considered the best. For decades now, we’ve catered to thousands of homeowners and business owners in Ventura County and its neighboring areas. We do not only handle extensive customized window works, we also provide topnotch flooring services.  With our team of experts, we can help you choose the best custom window shutter Ventura solution to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Custom Window Shutter Ventura

Whether made from cost-effective vinyl or luxurious cedar, our window shutters deliver tons of bang for your buck. The intricate design and colorful embellishments enhance a home’s interior, emphasizing its style and boosting its appeal. As I’ve pointed out above, selecting shutters require careful consideration and following design techniques. Don’t be overwhelmed. I’ve listed below the most vital things to take into account when choosing window shutters – particularly customized ones.

1) Internal shutters or external shutters. Even though window shutters are often tagged under a single type, there are actually various kinds of window shutters. The primary difference is their location. Internal shutters mean that the window treatments will be put inside the home. External shutters mean the window treatments will be fitted outside of the window. Some homeowners prefer the appearance of outdoor shutters while others opt for internal shutters because they are more convenient.

2) Size. The next thing to consider is the size of the shutters. Your custom window shutter Ventura options will largely depend on the windows you’re looking to cover. One of our window experts will get the measurements of your windows. This way, we can create shutters that will fit the area to a T. If you have door-height windows, we recommend high shutters to cover the whole thing.

The size of the louvers is also an important consideration. Louvers are the slats of the shutters that go within the frame. They are usually made of wood. Their primary job is to block the light from the outside. The size of the louvers will depend on the size of the window shutters themselves. The amount of light you want to let in also plays a part here. Smaller-sized louvers result in closer slats, which results in less natural light.

3) Shutter slats. The next variable you’d want to think about is the way the shutter slats tilt. You will find two standard options here. One option is the middle-front tilt bar. The other alternative is the tilt bar that is on the side or out of the way. Most homeowners prefer the middle bar tilt. Business owners, on the other hand, would rather keep the slats as unhindered as possible. In the end, your choice will depend first on functionality, then on visual appeal.


4) Colors. Once you already have a working plan on the size and style of the custom window shutter Ventura options presented to you, your next consideration is the color of the shutters. You’d want to choose something that suits the color scheme of your room or house interior flawlessly – regardless if the shutters are inside or outside.  Pick a color that complements the design or motif you’re going for.

Shutters are readily seen, so the choice of color is very important. Imagine dark-colored shutters on a white Colonial-style home. Think of cream window shutters on a cedar-shingled bungalow. If you’re going for something unique, choose vibrant-colored external shutters to accentuate the flowers in your garden or vice versa. If you want a more understated look, pick a shade that is in the same family color as your home interior, but in a lighter or darker tone. Also, we recommend that the color of the shutters you pick should match at least one other main color or element in your home.

5) Features. The landscaping and architectural features of your home should also matter. This is particularly important if you want to have an external shutter. When choosing external shutters, the colors of the surroundings play a huge role. These include the colors of the flowers, shrubs, plants and all. The color palette of the exterior of the house must also be a variable. Black and white window shutters are commonly known to enrich traditional styles. Bolder colors, on the other hand, lean towards contemporary designs. Disregarding the whole picture can make the window shutters look like a fragmented part of your home exterior.

6) Details. The most important consideration of all is to mind the details. Part of our custom window shutter Ventura service is ensuring that everything is always in order. That means making sure that the shutters fit properly on your windows. They also should match the length of the windows’ trim. You don’t have to worry about the measurements. We’ll handle that for you. But it’s also important to note that when measuring the width of window shutters widths, think of the spaces between the windows. To create a cohesive exterior, install shutters that have the same width on every window.

Details also include the materials used to create the treatments. Ventura Window Coverings has an enormous fabric warehouse that houses hardware, straps, screws, fasteners, pulls, and everything needed to create topnotch window treatments and coverings.

Is your head spinning yet? Don’t worry, Ventura Window Coverings is here to give all the help that you need. It’s true that there are tons of custom window shutter Ventura choices and since window treatments are more expensive than the conventional covers, the stakes are pretty high. The best solution I can give you? Drop all the research you do online. Instead, call us now at (805) 232-5977. Email us at Just connect with us and we’ll be more than happy to handle everything for you.

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