Shades Window Coverings

Shades Window Coverings

Think about the perfect touch of light streaming into your room when you get up in the morning. Imagine having the ability to block out the glaring sunlight when you’re watching a movie at home. You may not prioritize window treatments often; however, they are one of the essential lighting features in your house. Treatments like shades window coverings provide privacy, manage light, and add visual appeal to the space. It’s hardly any wonder shades are one of the sought-after window coverings from Ventura Window Coverings.

As the top local service provider, Ventura Window Coverings has been providing first-rate window treatment services in Ventura County and its surrounding areas. We offer all types of window treatments like shades window coverings, blinds, shutters, curtains, drapes, and more. Our team is comprised of design experts, window specialists, and fabric consultants that can help you in designing your window covers. Regardless of the concept or the style you have in mind, we’ll deliver it for you. If needed, we’ll also polish your concept to make it better.

Shades Window Coverings

Windows make the perfect point of interest in a room, and shades are both functional and decorative. Thankfully, we’ve come leaps and bounds from the days of camouflaging windows behind unappealing covers. These days, you can spice up a room in countless ways without sacrificing your interior design or breaking your wallet.

Window shades, in particular, are an ideal, multipurpose cover for home or office windows. Shades protect the windows using swathes and ribbons of soft fabric on an incessant roll that collects atop of the windows and falls beautifully when released. Generally speaking, shades are put on top of the windowpane.

But with the various styles of shades window coverings available, nearly every window can rock with shades.

One particular example of versatile shades is the cellular kind. It’s one of the most preferred shades window coverings right now. Cellular shades are revolutionary for their simplicity, ambiance, and functionality. They fit in snugly to windows, which leaves you with  an abundance of light when you want to let it in.

Shades window coverings come in many different styles. Some are weaved, others are pleated. There are also patterned designs. All these styles inject a distinct personality to match any home interior design.

Among the several varieties of window shades are Roman shades, sheer shades, pleated shades, wood shades, woven shades, and the all-pervasive roller shades. You can also consider outdoor shades and solar screen shades. Both provide added privacy, style, and protection from the scorching sun.

Each one of these styles can be printed and customized with your preferred special designs. Ventura Window Coverings has been customizing window shades – and any other window treatments for that matter – for decades now. We know how to play the game and we’re more than willing to help you win it.

Window shades are controlled using a cord that goes up and down. They don’t have slats that can be adjusted. If you prefer the room to be obscured from the outside, shades are the ideal treatments for you. With it, you’ll also be able to have control over your electric bills as they provide a supplementary degree of insulation.

Shades window coverings are also the answer if want remarkable adaptability and style. They offer different options to generate various looks and moods using your choice of fabric, texture, pattern, and color. Our Ventura Window Coverings service comes with everything from the versatile sheer shades to the blackout roller shades, and a ton of other designs. We do traditional shades. We cater to customized covers. Some of our bestsellers are:

1) Woven wood shades. Woven wood shades deliver a complete, natural-looking treatment. This type of shades works nicely in breakfast nooks and garden rooms where you generally must filter sunlight to enjoy the space.

Tight weaves such as twill present optimum privacy since they are opaque. These shades window coverings work effectively in bedrooms and bathrooms.

2) Roman shades. Roman shades, arguably the most popular type of shades, feature soft, broad pleats that fold flat when lifted with a cord. They look beautiful in dining rooms and formal living rooms. In particular, the balloon-type Roman shades, where the fabric is gathered in billowy poufs, create a high-fashion statement for the “formal” areas of the house or the office.

3) Honeycomb. Cellular shades, aka the honeycomb, are made with horizontal panels of air pockets (like the one you see in a honeycomb). They maintain warm temperature during winter and cold temperature during summer. Cellular shades are energy-efficient too.

4) Blackout. Blackout shades, as the name suggests, completely blocks out the room from outside light. We typically use special room-darkening materials for this type of shades window coverings. Blackout shades are best for bedrooms and home media rooms.

5) Solar. Solar shades are often made from a sheer weave. They offer defense against the harmful ultraviolet rays but don’t necessarily block the view. They are wonderful covers for kid’s rooms and dining rooms.

At Ventura Window Coverings, we understand and see the need for top-quality, well-priced window coverings that are also safe. We are proud to cater to the needs of the residents and business people in Ventura County as we deliver first-rate window coverings like shades. We don’t just create the window treatment you want. We also lead you, step-by-step, on how we design and make your window covers so we’re always on the same page.

I love conversing with our clients to talk about the light and privacy elements of the window covers. Budget, maintenance, and home decor are also part of the discussion, so are their lifestyle and family members. More than the visual appeal of the shades window coverings, we put emphasis on safety. This is particularly true if there are kids and pets at home.

With our Ventura Window Coverings service, you can undoubtedly save time, money and resources. You might think that purchasing ready-made shades is less expensive, but it’s not always the case. You can’t really tell the quality of off-the-rack shades. Whereas if you go for custom-made shades window coverings, you’re assured of their quality and visual appeal.

For more information about shades and other window coverings, speak with our experts. Call Ventura Window Coverings at (805) 232-5977 or send us an email at

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