Vertical Blinds Window Covering Ventura

Vertical Blinds Window Covering Ventura

Vertical blinds are multipurpose window treatments that have been upgraded, polished and modernized for today’s modern living. Gone are the days when blinds were unsightly slats that click and clack especially when a breeze comes through the window. These days, sleek and practical vertical blinds are what cover most home and office windows. Our vertical blinds window covering Ventura service, in particular, is sought-after in Ventura County. More and more residents acknowledge and appreciate the practical and visual value of vertical blinds.

Ventura Window Coverings offers all types of window treatments for all kinds of home and office windows. Our vertical blinds window covering Ventura service includes initial consultation, design conception, material selection, and installation of the blinds. All the materials we use are made in the US. Our workforce is in California. This means that you can guarantee that what we deliver has passed the US standards for making window covers and treatments.

Vertical Blinds Window Covering Ventura

Vertical blinds are popular window treatments for several reasons. Homeowners and office managers favor them because the blinds simultaneously offer practical use and visual appeal. They are also cost-effective since they can regulate temperature.  Style-wise, vertical blinds can be as traditional or as modern as you want.

Our vertical blinds window covering Ventura service ensures that we bring your ideas to the table.

You’ll collaborate with our window experts so we can deliver the vertical blinds that truly fit your home. After all, every inch of space and decor in your home represents your preference and style – and that includes your chosen window treatments.

Today’s vertical blinds move across the windows with excellent yet subtle technology. There’s hardly even a whisper when the blinds move, which offers an additional charm to the overall architectural look of the treatments. Vertical blinds can also be colorful and can be packed with patterns and textures. They can be as clean and minimalist as you want them to be to accentuate your large windows or patio doors.

With all the modernization on vertical window treatments, you can now have the feel of drapes without their staggering price tag. There are a lot of things to love about vertical blinds. There are tons of modern materials and hardware that can be used to make the blinds, even if their design is traditional. Our vertical blinds window covering Ventura service includes access to our fabric library that houses thousands of materials you can choose from.

I’ve listed below some of the vertical blinds window covering Ventura services we provide. These are sought-after types of verticals that you can check out:

1) Vinyl verticals. This type of vertical blinds is the most common as they are streamlined, reasonably-priced, and practical to use. They glide smoothly along the track. They also give you the ability to filter the amount of light that comes through the windows when the blinds are opened. In the same manner, you can also block out light completely when the blinds are closed. The opening and closing of the slats also help in maintaining the temperature of the room.

Vinyl vertical blinds are available in various textures, colors, and weaves. The diversity adds dimension and modern styling to your large windows or patio doors.

2) Vertical blinds. This type of blinds is the most ideal if you’re after rich texture and impeccable style. Fabric vertical blinds can be made from organic textile or blended fabrics. The material can be scrolled or stitched to accentuate your large windows or patio doors. There are numerous colors and patterns that can give you either a bold or a subdued look for your fabric verticals. We have a fabric specialist that can help you narrow down your fabric choices based on your home decor, your preference, and your lifestyle.

Our vertical blinds window covering Ventura textile choices are delicate and soft. The density of the materials adds to the richness of the overall look of the windows. They also incorporate a layer of warmth and defense against the outside elements. Much like all types of verticals, fabric vertical blinds add height to a room.

3) Faux wood vertical blinds. This type of verticals exudes a traditional, natural ambiance that never goes out of style. As such, it’s versatile and cost-effective because you can take it through numerous decorating changes.

Faux wood vertical blinds are often made of PVC. The grain in the synthetic wood is applied as part of the finishing touches of the blinds. Faux wood blinds are available in an assortment of realistic shades and stains. The most popular based on the request of our clients are the colors white, beige, chestnut and mahogany. Faux wood is also simple to clean and maintain.

4) Wood verticals. If you want the real thing, our vertical blind window covering Ventura service also offers real wood verticals. This type of vertical blinds creates a natural feel and simplicity that is actually charming and refreshing. Not to mention, actual wood accents have a classy look and feel to them.  Obviously, wooden vertical blinds cost more than synthetic wood. But if you go for wooden vertical blinds, you’ll get your money’s worth. Maintenance wise, real wooden blinds need careful and constant cleaning to avoid discoloration.

Our vertical blinds window covering Ventura service is second to none. Ventura Window Coverings is particularly known for our custom-made services. We actually urge our clients to choose custom-made treatments than off-the-rack covers. The former gives you the freedom to truly get the design that you want. When it’s custom-made, you know it’s unique, you know it’s yours. You won’t have to worry that your vertical blinds look like the ones you see at your doctor’s office. When it’s customized, it’s one-of-a-kind. Isn’t that something you’d like to have in your home?

Don’t hesitate to seek the expertise of Ventura Window Coverings. We’ve been part of the industry for decades now. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve practically done it all. Get the vertical blinds of your dreams now. Call us at (805) 232-5977 or send us an email at for a free consultation.

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